Worse before better....let the sun shine in

Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. Seems the same applies to building reconstruction!

This is one part of the building we will not be sorry to see gone- the old blue stairs to those with Rockfield memories. This area will become the site of the new lift and stair access to the central part of the building.

The old blue stairs….

The old blue stairs….

However some of the clearance is a bit more rewarding as lifting old floor tiles have unveiled the old flagstones at the front door area .


The building is starting to show the beauty of the light in the space that has been created. Work has commenced on the windows refurbishment . Not sure if it was the sunshine today but the place, even with all the clearance, just felt as if it was getting ready to shine.


Not that it all been plain sailing…this wall opening that has been created did not go quietly with drill taking 6 hours to get through to start this opening. Certainly no doubting good old solid walls that were built in 1877!

E MacKinnon