During early renovation internal doors were uncovered which would have been used when the school was originally built in 1877. These doors would have been the main access to classes as the original building had no external corridor. Without loosing the character of the space, we have with the installation of a steel beam been able to widen the opening. The picture below gives you an indication of the size and flexibility of the rooms being created.

With false walling removed evidence of fireplaces in all the rooms have been found although only one “in situ”, The fireplaces were not a surprise as our heritage volunteers have many oral stories of the janitor going round the school stoking the fires to keep them burning during school lessons.

internal doorways.jpg

However , it is not just doorways that have been uncovered. The picture below shows an important junction on the second floor as it is the space where we can view all the additions of the building - the external wall ( to the right of the picture) built in 1877 , the corridor added in 1901 and to the left of the picture the 1959 block.

If only the walls could tell us their story - this corridor has seen many children pass along it. Some with good memories and some maybe not so good but regardless it has stood the test of time . The walls may not talk but samples of stone have now been sent for analysis to help identify the possible quarry area they were sourced from. Everyday is a school day on this job! We look forward to hearing the results.

top corridor.jpg
E MacKinnon