Yoga Classes


Kundalini Yoga Classes

Experiential yoga for the nervous and glandular system

Breath Dynamic Posture Relaxation Meditation

Mondays 6.00 - 7.30pm


Suitable for All

" If yoga were about strength and flexibility, then all saints would be in the circus."

Yogi Bhajan

For further information please contact Dirk Campbell on 077778322999


The classes incorporate movement, breathwork and self-inquiry.  We welcome everyone onto the mat, regardless of age, experience and ability as there is the opportunity to modify poses as appropriate, and all students are encouraged to work within their own range of movement.

The classes often begin with breath awareness and some gentle practices to warm up both the body and the sense of awareness of the body and breath.  Gradually we build up poses, based on the Hatha yoga tradition, so that we wake up the whole body and moving always with the way our bodies are naturally aligned.  The work is gentle yet demanding – it may look like we are doing very little but the slower we practice, the more we have to manage movement to make it easeful and controlled. As we focus on our movement, the breath may settle and the mind too. There is a period of relaxation at the end, with a few moments of quiet sitting before we finish.

The classes are on a Wednesday evening, 6pm – 7.15pm.

Drop in fee is £8 or a 6 class pass is £45 (classes do not need to be consecutive)

Booking a mat space is essential as the space is limited.

Contact Karen for any further information 07793653080