Pilates Classes


Core Pilates

Core Pilates classes are held on a Monday and Thursday evening.

Pilates has a very strong focus on core stability, spinal and joint mobilisation and body awareness.

Our Core incorporates many areas including muscles in our pelvis, low back, hips, abdominals and even your diaphragm plays a part, so it really is a large area to keep strong. Luckily Pilates can help with this.

Pilates exercises flow from one to the next in a controlled and flowing manner, in fact Pilates was originally called Contrology by Joseph Pilates.

Exercises in class require precision but don't be put off, this is something that is learned throughout the block of classes. We all have to start at the beginning to build that strong foundation and we will do it together. Low repetitions with great technique will always be the focus in class, this will of course be easier at the end of the block when technique is improving than at the beginning.

For further information Contact Jenny at: corepilatesoban@gmail.com

Iona Sharpe Pilates - Further info to follow

Wednesdays 5.30pm - 6.30pm

Contact Iona at: ionasharpe@hotmail.com

Rie Emmers Pilates - Further info to follow

Fridays 11am - 12pm

Contact Rie at: rie.emmers@gmail.com