The Rockfield Centre Community Charity Shop - Opening Thursday 29th March 2018

Photo credit: Kevin McGlynn

Photo credit: Kevin McGlynn

The Rockfield Centre Community Charity Shop will open on Thursday March 29th 2018!

For any enquiries, please telephone the shop on 07902 525100.

The shop will run along the same lines as the community shop in the former ‘White Building’ on Oban’s North Pier. Opening times are Monday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm.

The Rockfield Community Charity Shop will be supported by MacQueen Bros Ltd and MacQueen Bros Charitable Trust with proceeds going directly to The Rockfield Centre to support the fund-raising and operation of the community hub.

Gordon McNab, chairman of Oban Communities Trust that is spearheading the fund-raising for the centre said: ‘Opening the Rockfield Centre Community Charity Shop comes at a dynamic time for the centre. We are about to launch the sale of community shares in May which will form the final push for the funding package to ‘get the lights on’ and the centre operating fully.

‘We are extremely grateful for all the hard work that has been put in by MacQueen Bros for setting up the shop and to all the volunteers that have helped and will be running the shop. We will shortly have an information hub outside the shop explaining what community shares are all about. So come along and browse through an amazing selection of items – every sale is a contribution to help The Rockfield Centre and our community.’

To arrange free uplift and transport of donated items to The Rockfield Community Charity Shop please contact MacQueen Bros Ltd on 01631 564848.

Many thanks to Kevin McGlynn for the photograph.

Lyn Connelly